Apr 16th 14 / by blurbed

#15: Mistakes Were Made


The dads take a break from their usual sterling parenting advice (cough) to talk about things they screwed up.

Getting your kids to take shots successfully should be like Scott Pilgrim, but there are no coins for winning.

John has recently had to cut back on his son’s screen time (good thing, too, because screens are DESTROYING OUR KIDS BRAINS).

Gone are the days when you can just throw kids out the door a la Calvin and Hobbes. It’s become a challenge to make sure your kids aren’t overprotected.

Jon tells of his time walking the lovely neighborhoods of Salford in the UK. Lex likens it to his experience in the neighborhood where the Groundlings school is.

Jon strongly advises you against watching Little Children, the mere mention of which is kind of a downer and ruins the whole podcast. Not the episode, the entire podcast.

Don’t make the mistake John and Jon made. Don’t help you kids with their homework. Although, it may or may not be an option if you actually want it to get done.

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Apr 9th 14 / by blurbed

#14: You’re in Second Grade and Your Ass is Still in First

Other people’s kids. The worst, right?

It’s not related to the topic, but John found his old mix tapes and expresses his fondness for Jim Carroll.

Both Lex and Jon have the problem of their kids assimilating body issues.

Lex seems to think he’s on a different podcast.

We finish with a discussion on swearing, which is all caused by other people’s kids, of course, and the 4th grade urban myth that Justin Bieber has really eaten his own poop.

Sponsor: Our thanks to Audible for sponsoring this episode. Go to Audible to download a free book today. John recommends The Martian, a terrific science fiction book about an astronaut strander on Mars. His wife recommends Does This Clutter Make My Butt Look Fat?, a book about helping declutter your house and your life.

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Apr 2nd 14 / by blurbed

#13: I’ve Been Vetted

On this episode, the dads talk about becoming a dad. Ch-ch-ch-changes!

That’s a David Bowie song, right?

Once again the whole free-range kids thing comes up and it comes up early.

Speaking of changes, since becoming a father, John cries while watching Finding Nemo.

Jon and Lex recommend The Expectant Father.

The dads recommend wills and starting to save for college five years before you were born. Not the kid, you.

Lex laments no longer being able to binge-watch shows like House of Cards. Still, we can binge-watch shows like Clone Wars and Adventure Time.

All the dads recommend therapy. Like that wasn’t obvious.

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Mar 26th 14 / by blurbed

#12: Elmo Ate Daddy

Here’s Lex in full Elmo:


Happy birthday!

There are good birthday experiences and bad ones. And horrible ones.

Lex is not a big fan of bouncy places like BounceU but Jon thinks Kangaroo Zoo isn’t so bad and John doesn’t mind Pump It Up.

But as far as really good experiences, Jon is a fan of The wAirhouse and John likes The Little Gym for smaller kids. The benefit of the Little Gym is they have instructors, not sullen teen employees.

Video game places like Odyssey are kind of a sensory overload experience. Lex has been to a dance party place and that’s the nicest thing he can say about that.

If you have several kids, Lex says it’s just more cost effective to buy your own Elmo costume. You weren’t using that dignity anyway.

Jon bought his daughter a Playmobil veterinary clinic because Playmobil is awesome.

The dads argue over thank-you note etiquette and close with a Nixon reference. As you do when talking about kids birthday parties.

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Mar 19th 14 / by blurbed

#11: I Don’t Have Time for That

Let’s talk about time management. Can someone help us with this? Because we need it.

John tries to sing a Jim Croce favorite but can’t. But time songs are a thing and many of them can make you cry is what you should know.

The dads support schools efforts to keep kids with peanut allergies alive, even if it makes making meals a pain in the butt.

Yes, the Moltz’s still subscribe to their local dead-tree newspaper.

This has nothing to do with time management but the mashed potatoes thing is a Close Encounters of the Third Kind reference, if you haven’t seen it.


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